Qadir Shah

Private aircraft, the T&T Air Guard and drones joined the T&T Coast Guard, fishermen and other citizens yesterday, as the search for the body of drowned hiker Qadir Shah continued.

Shah, 30, of Freeport, got into difficulties while in the water at Turtle Rock on Saturday, along with 14 other hikers.

According to reports, a fisherman was able to rescue the other 14 but Shah was in choppy waters where the fisherman could not venture with his boat.

One of the men who called for citizens to assist in the search, Jose Young, told Guardian Media yesterday that despite the group’s best efforts, Shah’s body was not found.

Young, who posted a call on social media for fishermen and other citizens to join in the search on Monday night, said he did not expect such a large turnout of people. However, he said he could not give any further details, as he did not know Shah personally and did not want to speak on behalf of his family.

“As far as I know, there are still people out there searching, I know there are private airplanes, private drones, there are the teams walking up and down the beaches, so it seems like we covered land, air and sea right now, in terms of search parties. I would say it came together well but the main thing is to find the body, which as of now, they have not,” Young said.

Guardian Media Limited contacted the T&T Coast Guard’s public relations officer, Lieutenant Khadija Lamy, but she said there were no updates on the search.

Lamy said the Coast Guard will issue a press release when Shah’s body is found.