A social media post from the Office of the President for citizens to tour and visit President’s House.

The political leader of the Progressive Party Nikoli Edwards has called on President Paula-Mae Weekes to apologise to the nation and put an end to a competition for a chance to tour President’s House.

The party has even accused President Weekes of committing treason and “doing all within her power to widen the gap between the Presidency and the citizens.”

The comment came after Office of the President announced on its social media page that citizens could win a tour of President’s House by entering a raffle.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Progressive Party said the lottery system for citizens to visit President’s House was insulting to the people who the President claims to be an emissary of.

The party added, “If the President was in fact in touch with the people of our great nation then she would have been aware that her New Year’s day message was not well-received, especially her announcement of the lottery system to visit the edifice that required $89Million of the people’s money to repair.

The Progressive Party said what added further insult to injury was that the President had allowed or directed the Office of the President to involve private companies in what is called “this great public betrayal.”

It said, “Even in moving forward with this decision, the Office of the President should have used public offices as drop-off points for entry. Additionally, it must be noted that this competition is a form of gambling involving a public space.

“The President and the Office of the President cannot be seen as a source of national pride for all citizens when large segments of the society, whose religious beliefs or history of addiction deny them an opportunity to participate. This is disrespectful to such persons.”

Edwards and the party he leads has called on the President “to put an end to this competition and immediately apologise to the nation for the insensitivity displayed by her and the staff of the Office of the President.”

The Progressive party added President’s House should be accessible to all citizens and visitors who pass necessary security checks and who wish to visit within prescribed hours on prescribed days.

It said that the President must acknowledge that she had erred in her judgment and seek to do better as one entrusted to hold the nation’s highest office.