Storm victim Salisha Boodoo shows the collapsing top floor of her dilapidated home at Phoenix Park California on Saturday. Photo Shastri Boodan

Shastri Boodan

Salisha Boodoo, 56, was reduced to tears yesterday as she appealed for help to repair her home at Phoenix Park, California.

Since a freak storm blew off part of the roof and caused other damage to her home on September 3, Boodoo has been living in fear that the entire structure will collapse.

She said she first contacted her parliamentary representative, Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh, then the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) provided tarpaulin to cover the damaged structure.

Boodoo also applied for a grant from the National Commission for Self Help Limited (NCSHL) to repair her home but has been getting a run around from that agency since then.

The CEPEP worker struggles to provide for her family on an income of $900 a fortnight and a food card. She is a widow with two unemployed adult children.

Boodoo said her daughter spoke with the Indarsingh on Friday and promised to provide them with a tarpaulin to cover their home since the one they got from the ODPM was damaged.

She said Divali was “horrible” and she is worried that Christmas might be the same

“I don’t know how I going to spend Christmas, it will be hard for me and my two children,” she said.

Boodoo said she plans to contact the NCSHL again this week.

Contacted for comment, Indarsingh said Boodoo and 12 other victims of the freak storm are getting a run-around from the NCSHL.

“The grant that was supposed to be to her from the NCSHL which falls under Minster Shamfa Cudjoe, the Minister of Sports and Community Development, seems to have been lost. I have been forced to file a question and notice in the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago and when it qualifies, I hope I will get the relevant answer from the minister,” he said.