Tropical Storm Gonzalo as at 8:30 am on Saturday 25 July 2020. (Image: THE WEATHER CHANNEL)

Tobago currently is under an Orange Level Tropical Storm Warning—the second most severe warning—as Tropical Storm Gonzalo makes his presence felt in the region.

In addition, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) has issued an Orange Level Adverse Weather Alert for Trinidad, as well as a Yellow Level Hazardous Seas Alert for both islands, which will remain in effect until Sunday.

As at 8:00 am today, the centre of Gonzalo was located near 10.3ON / 58.8OW. Tobago will be experiencing tropical storm conditions for much of today, with periods of heavy to intense showers and/or thunderstorms, likely.

The Met Service warns that heavy / intense downpours can result in street and flash flooding. Gusty winds in excess of 85 km per hour can be expected, and there also is a high risk of landslides / landslips in areas so prone. Sea conditions also are likely to become occasionally rough, hence the Yellow Level Hazardous Seas Alert issued.

Waves are expected to reach up to 4 metres around the Tobago coastlines, and to a lesser extent around the north and eastern coasts of Trinidad. In sheltered areas, seas can become occasionally choppy with wave heights reaching up to 2 metres. Overall, citizens are urged to avoid venturing into the sea, if possible.

For Trinidad, the Orange Level Adverse Weather Alert will be in effect until 8:00 pm.

Forecasters say there is a high chance (70%) of heavy showers or thunderstorms during the period. They warn of possible street / flash flooding, as well as landslides / landslips, in areas so prone. Citizens also need to be aware that gusty winds in excess of 65 km per hour can be experienced in the vicinity of heavy downpours, as Tropical Storm Gonzalo makes his way past T&T.

All citizens are encouraged to take immediate actions to protect their lives, livelihoods and property, including:

  • Stock up on food, water and medicine for at least seven days in waterproof containers.
  • Secure loose outdoor objects and trim tree branches near your home.
  • Prepare and pre-position sandbags if your area floods.

The Met Service is advising all citizens to continue monitor weather conditions and updates from official sources via their website at; and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management, at