Mayor of San Fernando Junia Regrello chats with president of the San Fernando Vendors Association Eastlyn Joseph at a meeting at City Hall, San Fernando, yesterday.

Identification badges, a specific vending area, restricted number of cots and penalties for breaching the rules.

These are some of the measures being considered for when street vending re-commences in San Fernando.

During a meeting with the San Fernando Vendors’ Association yesterday, Mayor Junia Regrello said they were trying to work with the suggestions made by the association.

The San Fernando City Corporation had put a pause on vending on High Street from Tuesday until further notice.

Regrello said they had to temporarily halt vending because the vendor population has jumped to over 240 since last year.

He complained that the pavements were overrun with cots and other paraphernalia and the vendors were not following the rules.

At the meeting yesterday, he said while vending is illegal he had always tried to accommodate the vendors.

He said, “Lets find a way because this is a sensitive matter you all have children. You all have families to feed and you have been doing this for a while. We are willing to help in whatever way we can. I am always pressed with the matter that vending is not legal but let us try and see if we could create a win win situation here.”

Association president Eastlyn Joseph said only regular vendors and those who pay their fees will be allowed to resume vending.

She said some of the penalties they considered for vendors who breach the rules are fines or preventing them from vending for a period of time.

Asked if they were considering a location away from High Street, the mayor said it appears that the vendors love to vend on High Street.

The mayor, who is often seen doing his Christmas shopping on High Street, said there is a certain excitement and energy on High Street around that time of the year.

“If High Street don’t have vendors it has nothing,” interjected Joseph.

Regrello said vending will resume as soon as they could get all the recommendations and reach an agreement with the stakeholders.