Raymond Gajadhar and his daughter outside their Springvale home.

When Raymond Gajadhar’s vehicle got into an accident a month ago, life for him and his family descended into difficulty.

Not only was he left without an ability to earn his bread and butter, but the gap in accessing education for his young daughter widened.

According to Gajadhar, each passing day has been marked by new hardships.

He said, “For this whole month, since that period to now it has been difficult, it real tough.”

After a fire reduced his Springvale home to ashes 18 months ago, picking up the pieces has been a challenge.

Recently Gajadhar, who has been doing odd jobs, was robbed of his sole way of getting by.

“On the fourth of last month a guy was overtaking while I was driving along Carlsen Field and he pull back on the lane and mash up the whole front of my car. I does do little wacker work and I have no transport to take me to and from work so I have nothing right now, “ he said.

Gajadhar said efforts to return his Toyota Mirage vehicle back to working ways has been a challenge.

“ I did over the engine before the accident and that take up my little bit of money. I had insurance at the time of the accident, now it expired, a mechanic who came and checked it said fixing that will cost a lot of money,” he said.

Gajadhar’s lack of transportation has left him with a bigger problem than not being able to earn a livelihood, one that has put his seven-year-old daughter’s future in jeopardy.

“I used to use the vehicle to carry her for her online class and since the car get in accident I have no sort of transport to take her, so she has to be home, It is difficult to know that she is being left behind,” he told Guardian Media.

Due to a lack of Internet connectivity in the rural community, Gajadhar would have previously driven to a neighbouring village just for his daughter to access classes, “but if you can’t drive, you walk right?”

However, even that simple task is a challenge for Gajadhar.

“My foot get an infection and they were sending me Sando hospital ( San Fernando General Hospital) and they wanted to amputate the foot but they recommended antibiotic, tablets and the powder and that is what I using, but money run out and I cannot afford treatment now,” he said.

Gajadhar is now pleading for assistance to escape the tough times and ensure his daughter is not left disadvantaged.

Anyone wishing to contact help can contact him at 289-4494.