Students and parents also have a responsibility to ensure the return to school amidst a pandemic is a safe one.

This is according to the technical director of the Ministry of Health’s epidemiology unit Dr Avery Hinds during a virtual press conference on Monday.

“The onus of responsibility lies partially with you yourself in maintaining your own hygiene precautions, in ensuring that while you’re at school you keep your mask on, in ensuring that when the breaks come there isn’t this generalised mingling, that we keep the mask on when eating,” Dr Hinds said.

He said those who may have come in contact with an ill person who may be a known active case of COVID-19 also need to understand their responsibility to stay home.

“We would expect that the children from those schools would not present themselves to school because they would be in quarantine while the individuals are in isolation,” he said.

“Anyone with any sort of viral symptom at this point in time- whether it’s fever, stuffy nose, loss of sense of smell, any of those symptoms would be an indication not to present yourself to school.”

Reporter: Rishard Khan