The Caribbean Airlines aircraft in which the Trinidadian students studying at UWI’s Mona Campus arrived in at the Piarco International Airport on Saturday.

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Another group of students studying abroad is expected to be given the all-clear to return home.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young confirmed this yesterday and also indicated that the government is already assessing how to facilitate the repatriation of another group of nationals.

Young was referring to students in Cuba and India.

He explained that the students in India would be given the exemption to return on the condition that they inform the ministry of their travel itinerary, their expected arrival date and that they understand they would need to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

Young also indicated the government is examining how to bring home citizens who are stranded in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean region. He says discussions would be held with Caribbean Airlines as well as private charter flights to bring those citizens home.

However, he cautioned that the government would not allow for other countries in the region to be used as “jumping points for citizens.”

“Right now we have persons, a particular group of people, we granted them exemptions. They flew from the United States to another Caribbean island and they’re waiting there to just jump across. We are not permitting other Caribbean islands that have taken decisions to open up their borders to international travel to be used as jumping points, as launching pads into Trinidad and Tobago,” Young said.

Young and Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh emphasized that returning nationals home is a delicate balancing act, with the number of people allowed to enter being weighed against the availability of accommodation in the parallel health care system.