Attorney Subhas Panday addresses the media at his San Fernando office yesterday.

The People’s National Movement (PNM) is panicking and will try anything to huff a seat from the United National Congress (UNC). This was the view of former UNC minister Subhas Panday who rubbished claims by the PNM that the nomination of UNC Princes Town MP Barry Padarath is invalid. Panday held a press conference in San Fernando yesterday to respond to the PNM’s intention to challenge Padarath’s eligibility to contest Monday’s general election.

Panday said, “The PNM is really trying a low dodge to huff a seat from the UNC.”

He said that there was no way Padarath could have signed the document because he was in mandatory quarantine and incommunicado. As a result, he said the normal rules could not have applied to him.

“I get the impression that the PNM is panicking and they clutching at any straw to hold on to anything…”

He believes that any attempt at legal redress on this matter by the PNM will fail.

“I am certain that any court that they go to that the court will be sensible, that the court will be reasonable, and the court will kick the PNM through the door.”

He called on the Princes Town electorate to come out in their numbers like never before and vote for Padarath. At a press conference earlier this week, PNM chairman Colm Imbert claimed Padarath’s nomination was invalid because the incorrect form was used.

However, Panday stated that the document was deemed valid and accepted by the EBC, along with Padarath’s deposit.