Austin “Superblue” Lyons, left, joins the Minister of Rural Development and Local Government–Senator Kazim Hosein and the Mayor of Point Fortin–His Worship Kennedy Richards Jr, to put the final touches on the sign’s installation.

Soca icon Austin “Superblue” Lyons returned to his hometown of Point Fortin on Wednesday to witness the renaming of a street in his honour.

The first of three streets to be renamed that day, the event marked the launch of the Point Fortin Borough Corporation street signage programme.

The seven-time Soca Monarch title holder grew up on the street that was given his name.

It was originally known as Baptist Street. Wearing his trademark blue outfit with matching blue shoes, Lyons gave brief remarks thanking Point Fortin mayor Kennedy Richards Jr and the council for the honour.

Lyons said he went to school with the mayor’s father and they played cricket and football together.

He said it was an honour to be in Point Fortin which will always be his home.

Proudly displaying the street name on his Facebook page, Lyons said: “This is the street I live on growing up. Thank God I am alive to see it. It was an honour to get this sign call, Austin Lyons, from the Mayor of Point Fortin and the Minister of Rural Development and Local Government.

“Thank you very much and I am happy to see this happen. 40 years in the music industry.”

Rural Development and Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein, who was part of the event, said on his Facebook page he was honoured to celebrate a living legend in the place where his story began.

He added that icons should be celebrated while they are alive.

“Far too often, we wait until it’s too late to honour those who have made exceptional contributions to our nation’s history. Whether it be sports personalities, cultural icons, or community role models, I would like to see more street names reflecting the contributions of Trinbagonians to their country,” Hosein said

The mayor, permanent secretary Desdra Bascombe, councillor Reynold Carrington, Corporation CEO Donnamay Taylor and other council members were also present at the function.