The Supermarkets Association has called for a boycott of Ramsaran products as a result of racist comments by one of their employees online.

The following is a statement by the Association.

“The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) takes note of the very derogatory statements made by a member of the Ramsaran Family. These divisive and inflammatory comments do not belong in our multi-ethnic society.

We recognize that given the rich diversity of cultures and ethnicities in our cosmopolitan nation that these actions will not be tolerated. We are advising all our members that a boycott of all Ramsaran’s Dairy Products is to be undertaken immediately.

This will stay in place until such time that the company seeks the appropriate remedial action in a consistent and satisfactory manner.

SATT recognizes the keen values which underscore the fabric of our society and is prepared to uphold the fundamental right that every creed and race is given an equal place and will adopt this policy until further notice.”