46-year-old Parmanan Sookoo, of Chaguanas, was crushed to death by an excavator on a job site in Couva, on Wednesday 24 March 2021.

A supervisor employed with Universal Projects Limited was crushed to death by an excavator at his job site in Couva, yesterday (Wednesday March 24th).

The victim has been identified as 46-year-old Parmanan Sookoo also known as Sunil, of Chaguanas.  

According to police report, Sookoo was overseeing excavation and debris removal at the Phoenix Park new industrial estate, in Couva.  At about 3 pm, he ordered the excavator operator, a 63-year-old man of Couva, to stop working in a particular area and move to another location to load two lorry trucks.  Police were told that Sookoo then left.

Guardian Media understands that while the excavator operator was moving the machine in an easterly direction, he observed a cell phone on the ground.  When he stopped the machine and came out to pick up the phone, he saw Sookoo’s body under the tracks of the tractor. 

The operator reversed the tractor in order to remove Sookoo from under it, while the other employees raised an alarm.  The EHS ambulance was contacted and he was rushed to the Couva Health Facility.

Sookoo died while undergoing emergency treatment.

Inquiries are continuing.