From left - Hon. Lisa Morris-Julian (Minister in the Ministry of Education), Dr the Hon. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly (Minister of Education), and Machel Montano. (Image courtesy Ministry of Education)

The Ministry of Education’s Adopt-A-School Initiative continues to receive support from corporate T&T and civil society bodies.

The most recent entities showing their support by donating much needed electronic devices to schools in the Initiative are the Machel Montano Foundation for Greatness (MMFG), and the Esimaje Foundation.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Education, both entities made their donations in ceremonial handovers today, Friday 2 October 2020.

The Machel Montano Foundation for Greatness (MMFG), in collaboration with Blue Waters Limited and Courts (Trinidad) Limited, have donated two hundred (200) devices to the Ministry’s Initiative—185 tablets and 15 laptops.

MMFG was  the  first  entity  to  contact  the  Ministry  to  pledge  its  support  following  the announcement of the initiative.

The Ministry notes that three of the four schools to receive devices hold special significance to the Montano family: Carenage Girls’ situated in the village where Machel Montano, his brother and mother were born; Siparia Boys’ R.C., where Machel and his brother Marcus attended primary school; Toco  Secondary,  which  lies  within  a  community  where  Machel  is  very  active; and Macaulay Government Primary School in Gasparillo, which was selected by the Blue Waters Limited team.

The sponsors described the donation of devices laptops as “helping to create a brighter future for our children and generations to come”.

The MMFG stated that the foundation’s primary focus is on the environment, the community, youth and the development of women and culture.

Meanwhile, the non-profit organization, the Esimaje Foundation, donated one hundred (100) devices to the Ministry’s Adopt-A-School Initiative. 

Representing the Esimaje Foundation at today’s ceremonial handover were Dr Oti Esimaje and Dr David Toby.  Fr Ronald Mendes of the Ansa Foundation, a partner of the Esimaje Foundation, also was present at the handover.

These devices will be donated to two secondary schools and one primary school in the East Port of Spain area. 

Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. will receive 60 devices; South East Port of Spain Secondary School will receive 30 devices; while ten devices will go to the Russel Latapy Secondary School.

The Ministry notes that the Esimaje Foundation has been working to support schools and students by providing needed tools and equipment to help improve students’ academic performance. 

Through its East Port of Spain Thrive initiative, the group seeks to create  a  community  of  opportunity  centred  around  strong  schools,  strong  families  and  strong neighbourhoods, with particular focus on empowering young men to become tomorrow’s leaders.

The Education Ministry invites persons or organizations interested in donating devices to the Adopt-A-School Initiative, to contact 622-2181 ext. 1429 and 1426, or to send an email  to  [email protected] 

Further information on the Adopt-ASchool Initiative can be found at the Ministry’s website, at