Former Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith.

The Police Service has confirmed that the new head of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) is Superintendent Roger Alexander.

Supt Alexander’s appointment was announced by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith a short while ago, during Wednesday’s weekly T&T Police Service media briefing.

Commissioner Griffith also noted that given the charges laid against former head, Inspector Mark Hernandez, Hernandez was immediately sent on suspension leave.

Speaking immediately after the announcement, Supt Alexander said:

“At this time, SORT requires experienced policing and bringing the public closer, because we see what is happening now with the proliferation of guns and ammunition in our country.  We have to do something different.  What we already have, we will tweak it, and we’ll add to it to give the public that trust and confidence that all is well.”

Supt Roger Alexander, newly appointed head of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT). Image courtesy TTPS.

When asked what criteria led to Alexander’s appointment, Griffith said he has his reasons.

“I am not here to give the CV of an individual who is appointed in any position in the TTPS,” the Commissioner said.  “I have a responsibility. I have to ensure that the persons I see would be the most appropriate to hold any position, and it’s not just Mr Alexander.”

“I have dozens of very good Commanders who I see have leadership skills, and I will select and recommend persons as I see fit to ensure the better development of that unit,” Commissioner Griffith added.