Chad Vieira

Jesse Ramdeo

In just one month, Chad Vieira’s life was upended by the Coronavirus.

Despite his best efforts to guard against the so-called invisible enemy, he not only contracted the virus but passed it down to his young son.

A haunting feeling languished with the father of one after he unknowingly exposed the people he loved most to the virus that has ripped through families leaving a path of anguish and hurt.

“Having a son, just seven years old, it was painful to see him vomiting and with high fever. I actually had to lift him up, even though I was sick, and bathe him and be there with him, unfortunately he had to be hospitalised for a little while,” Vieira said

It was a heartbreaking surprise for the Public Transport Service Corporation employee who contracted the virus 10 days after receiving his first dose of a COVID- 19 vaccine.

“At no point did I drop my guard, I continued sanitizing, cleaning, doing everything possible to still not contract this virus, I never dropped my guard, never. We were socially distanced at work, I sanitize my vehicle all the time, I did everything possible,” he said.

Studies suggest that the human body needs both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine– the first “prime dose” as well as the second “booster dose” to produce enough antibodies against the Coronavirus disease

Even more agonising than Vieira’s battle against COVID-19 was witnessing its toll on his son.

He said, “That was my responsibility, to keep him safe, yet I got him sick.I wish I alone could have gotten it and I can deal with it…I have the inner strength and outer strength, but knowing he is sick and is a totally different horse of a different colour.”

Vieira and many other survivors, grapple with the questions of when, where and how they could have gotten COVID-19 after adhering to all protocols.

Their feelings are just another scope of the suffering caused by the pandemic.

But Vieira was nowhere close to being out of the woods yet, after being admitted to the Arima Hospital, the virus’ toll on his body was revealed.

“They got the CT scan results so they came and told me that I have the clot in my lungs, but before I got the test, I asked the doctor what if I have the clot in my lungs, what was the treatment and was it a death sentence ,and they assured me that it could be treated for whatever it is at that point in time.”

He is now treating his latest medical condition while quarantined at home.

Viera maintained that COVID-19 is not a death sentence and love and support were key to surviving the virus.