Indra Jagroop whose hand was reattached.

Doctors have been able to reattach the hand of one of the victims of Sunday’s deadly chopping incident in New Grant.

A relative told Guardian Media they were now hoping that Indra Jagroop would regain movement or feeling in her hand.

The 42-year-old Play Whe Booth operator was injured along with her 72-year-old father Manickchand Jagroop while her sister Monica Jagroop, 35, and her (Indra) husband Anterro McQueen, 52, were hacked to death during a cutlass attack at their homes at Farmer Trace, Sancho Road.

Indra, a mother of two, and her father are said to be in a stable condition.

Meanwhile, a police hunt is ongoing for the perpetrator, a 33-year-old relative who live in the community.

Indra and her husband had just returned to their home from a birthday lime when the suspect called out to them.

They share a house with Indra’s parents, but the couple lived downstairs with their two children.

When McQueen came out of the house, the suspect chopped him on the neck and then chopped Indra several times after she went to her husband’s assistance.

On hearing the commotion, Indra’s father came out of the house and was also chopped. The suspect then went to Indra’s sister house, a few houses away, and hacked her to death. The mother of two teenagers died at the scene.

The suspect was seen jumping on the road and swinging the cutlass in the air before he ran off. There were several theories for his murderous rage.

Indra’s mother Myna Jagroop, 71, who witnessed her husband being attacked believed he may have acted under the influence of alcohol.

The police had initially pointed to a land dispute. However, Indra’s brother Ricky Jagroop believes the suspect’s actions were driven by a religious ceremony involving an animal sacrifice.

He said the family performed the ritual in September bad things had been happening. However, he said he did not participate in the ceremony and kept his distance from his relatives.

The autopsies are expected to be done today (Wednesday) at the Forensic Science Centre, Port-of-Spain.