Satellite image of Manzanilla Beach. (Image courtesy GOOGLE MAPS)

A 35-year-old woman is believed to have drowned this morning, during a visit to Manzanilla beach with members of a church.  

The body of Tameka Harris, a labourer, was found floating near the shore about 30 minutes after she disappeared in the water.

Police said the La Horquetta resident had gone with members of Faith Healing Spiritual Baptist Church to the Manzanilla beach.  Police were told that while near the beach resort, Harris insisted that she bathe in the sea.  She reportedly stripped off her clothes and went into the water. 

Sometime after, the other church members lost sight of her.  Roughly half an hour later, at about 4:16 am, her body was seen floating near the shore.  Her limp body was pulled out of the water and the police were contacted.

Cpl Singh and other officers of the Manzanilla Police responded.

Guardian Media understands that no marks of violence were observed on Tameka Harris’ body. The district medical officer viewed her body and ordered its removal.

An autopsy is expected to be performed at the Forensic Science Centre this week.

Cpl Singh is investigating.