A suspended police corporal suffered head injuries on Thursday when he ran to the assistance of a couple whose home was being robbed.

Police said that around 1.15 pm, the couple returned to their home at Mamoral #2 and saw a silver Nissan Tiida parked in their driveway. They further observed a man placing a welding plant into the trunk of the car. The couple began shouting and Cpl Boodram, who was nearby, ran across to help.

Police said Boodram and the suspect began to struggle, which resulted in him receiving a three-inch wound at the back of his head. The suspect ran off into nearby bushes.

PC Ali alongside Longdenville Police and Central Division Task Force officers responded to the report of housebreaking and larceny. They searched the area and found the suspect hiding in the trunk of a blue Mitsubishi Lancer nearby.

He was arrested and is expected to be questioned and placed on an identification parade.