Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith, left, speaks with Snr Supt Court and Process Nazrudeen Pragg before the start of the Police Press Conference at the Police Administration Building, Sackville Street, Port-of-Spain.

Police officers who are a “no-show” for court matters could face suspension or even dismissal.

This was the warning given by Snr Supt Nazrudeen Pragg, who heads the Court and Process Branch, as he spoke during the TTPS’ media briefing.

He said stiffer penalties are looming for errant officers.

Pragg said it has been recommended that failing to attend court should be raised from a ‘Category B to a Category A’ offence, meaning that errant officers could face suspension or even dismissal for their actions.

He said at present, the current fine was an officer’s earnings for that day, which is not significant enough to prevent court absenteeism.

Pragg also said several policies have been implemented to better streamline the compilation of evidence against suspects in cases while ensuring investigating officers attended court, therefore, making it imperative that officers make their respective court appearances.

“We could discipline the officer today, but what happens to the victim of the crime? What redress do they really have when they are robbed and all sorts of things happen to them?” Pragg said.

Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith interjected stating that last year, there were only 380 officers who failed to attend court for their cases.

In 2019, that number was 1843.