A vial of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine

The South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) says a preliminary clinical investigation into allegations made by relatives of a patient about a correlation between the administration of the COVID-19 Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine shot and a blood clot experienced by the patient, has so far indicated there is no evidence linking the patient’s condition with the vaccine.

Relatives of the retired health inspector, who lives in Princes Town, claim he developed blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine last week.

The man’s nephew told Crimewatch host Ian Alleyne his 60-year-old uncle went to the Princes Town District Health Facility last Wednesday and received the shot. On Friday morning he complained of belly pains.

The nephew claimed the man is paralyzed from the leg down, and linked it to the vaccine. He said before getting the vaccine his uncle had no pains or symptoms of any illness.

In a release issued just after midday, the SWRHA said that “following a preliminary clinical investigation of the circumstances, there is no evidence the patient’s condition is linked to the vaccine.”

The SWRHA said “consistent with our general protocol, the Authority has shared the information with the patient’s next of kin and will continue to provide excellent medical care.”