Amit Gannah shows a dress he bought for his daughter Yeximar Kimberly Gannah who died during birth at the San Fernando General Hospital on Saturday.


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The South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) has launched an investigation into the stillbirth of a baby girl at the San Fernando General Hospital following claims of negligence.

Amit Hannah, 29, believes that his baby did not survive because the hospital staff took too long to perform a Caesarian Section on his common-law wife, Venezuelan national Difranceis Robles, 22.

In a release, the SWRHA stated that it commiserates with the couple and extended its condolences to them. It stated, “A preliminary report has already been commissioned on the circumstances surrounding the care and the medical facts will be shared with the family, at the earliest convenience. Additionally, the completed detailed report will also be provided.”

The SWRHA invited patients and clients to contact its Customer Service Centre at 87-SWRHA (877-9742), for any matter in relations to healthcare.

Gannah said Robles had two previous Caesarean Sections from a previous relationship and was told by the doctors that she would have to do another. He claimed it was stated in her medical files that if she experienced pain or any complication a C-Section ought to be done immediately.

However, he said last week Tuesday when she first took in with pain and was rushed to the hospital she was prepped for surgery but it was not done. Instead, he said she was injected with pain medication and discharged the following day. She was given an admission slip to return to the hospital on January 7 for the Caesarean to be done the next day.

But on Saturday around 1 am she started experiencing severe pain and was taken to the hospital via ambulance. He said on the way to the hospital, the baby was moving. They got there at 1.30 am and an hour later he was told that they were not getting a heartbeat. He said they told him they wanted to wait another hour to see if she could have a natural childbirth. He explained to them that she was supposed to have an immediate Caesarean, but it was not until 5.30 am that she was wheeled into the theatre. He said she came out of the theatre at 10.30 am. Gannah said his wife has been crying constantly since Saturday.

“She’s not doing so well. She is crying a lot and wants to come home. She’s really feeling it because she seeing everyone with their babies and she only crying whole day and night.”

He went to make an official complaint at the hospital on Monday and was given forms to fill out and return. He is hoping that she would be discharged today.