Bandits held a Tableland family under siege in their home on Saturday night before robbing them of over $345,000 in cash.

Police have since sounded a warning to citizens to refrain from keeping large sums of cash in their homes.

Investigators said around 8.45 pm, farmer Ganga Persad, 40 of George Village, Tableland was at home with his sister Radha Ali, 38 when three masked gunmen wearing dark clothing entered their home through a back door.

The thieves ordered everyone to lie on the floor before tying up Ali and Persad.

Three other family members —Chandradath Ramsumir, 30, his wife Sumatee Ramsumir, 43 and an 11-year-old child were also held at gunpoint.

The thieves rummaged through the house and went into Persad’s bedroom where they found a black garbage bag and some envelopes containing $250,000 in cash.

They also searched through Ali’s closet and found a black plastic bag containing $95,000.

A DVR for the cameras and several cell phones were also stolen.

The robbers escaped in Persad’s silver Mitsubishi Lancer.

The victims later managed to untie themselves and contacted the police. However, the car and the cash have not been recovered.

A senior officer told Guardian Media yesterday that it was not advisable to keep large sums of cash at home. He reminded the public that the police were willing to accompany citizens to the bank if they were making financial transactions.