The burning debris placed on the Naparima Mayaro Road during the residents’ protests in Tableland, on Thursday 8 April 2021. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)

Residents of George Village, Tableland, this morning staged a protest demonstration—complete with burning tyres across the main road—to highlight the deplorable state of the road.

As a result, motorists and commuters had to find alternative routes to get to their destinations.

Guardian Media understands that at around 9:15 am today (Thursday 8th April 2021), a villager dragged burning tyres across the Naparima Mayaro Road near a massive landslip.

Frustrated and angry, the residents said their pleas to the authorities to repair the roadway have fallen on deaf ears.

Secretary of the Route 4 Maxi Taxi Association, Ronnie Singh, said their income is being depreciated because of the exorbitant costs to repair their maxis, which are being damaged by the bad roads.

Pineapple farmer, Deoraj Mahase, told Guardian Media they are also being affected.  Pleading for help, he called on Works Minister Rohan Sinanan and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to repair the roads. 

The residents were supported by Moruga/Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin, who said on two occasions taxpayers’ money was spent on temporary repairs at the landslide, but each time it gave way.

She said her two neighbouring constituencies also are affected.

MP Benjamin said they were promised that the road would be repaired in the second quarter of this fiscal year, but that has not happened.  She said if the entire roadway collapses, thousands of residents will be severely affected.

Residents said they would continue protest action until their concerns are addressed.

The burning debris was cleared, and the road made passable once more by 10:30 this morning.