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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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PM Rowley: Migrants can’t have more rights than citizens

Venezuelan migrants cannot have more rights here than T&T nationals, Dr Keith Rowley has said.

Doctor found dead in office

Homicide detectives are still trying to piece together the circumstances that led to the death of a doctor in his office at Kew Place...

PM defends ‘rich get richer’ comment

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has doubled down and defended his, "we have to allow the rich to get richer" comment, saying people in this country can sometimes be too "thin-skinned".

Bandit killed by intended victims

A bandit was killed when his intended victims opened fire at him during a robbery at a Princes Town bar, last night.

Guapo teen killed in accident

A 13-year-old boy died after he was hit by a vehicle while crossing the road in Guapo. The child has been identified as Zion Roop of Guapo.