Former PNM Minister Peter Taylor from left, Rodney Charles, incumbent UNC candidate for Moruga/Tableland Michelle Benjamin, UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and former UNC Minister Clifton De Coteau bombarded by supporters outside of the newly opened Moruga/Tableland constituency office in St Mary’s yesterday.

After a long absence from the political arena, former Peoples National Movement minister Peter Taylor turned up the United National Congress (UNC) walkabout in Moruga with his political guns trained at the Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Declaring his support for UNC candidate for the Moruga/Tableland Constituency Michelle Benjamin, Taylor minced no words as he accused Rowley of leading the country down a dangerous path.

“As you know I was the Member of Parliament for this constituency and I always said I will respond to whatever call comes from the ground and there has been a very loud and deafening call for Michelle Benjamin on my part.”

Taylor who served under as the 2007 PNM regime as MP for Princes Town South/Moruga and Legal Affairs Minister was seen greeting Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar as she arrived at the UNC’s constituency office in St Mary’s Village in Moruga on Wednesday before the walkabout commenced.

He made it clear that he would be fighting to ensure the PNM is defeated at the polls. “It has been ten years since I have been last in the political arena but when you look at where the country has reached you have a prime minister that has embraced a dictator and is using the national patrimony to facilitate that dictating, breaching and circumventing United States sanctions. My point, therefore, is that the country is facing a very dangerous, dangerous threat and what we need is a coalition of the willing, men and women of the conscience who understand that if the Rowley-led PNM is not removed from office, in five years time we are not going to recognise this place and worst you have him abusing even the PNM own constitution.”

Claiming that former prime minister Patrick Manning knew the danger that Rowley posed, he said his purpose is to ensure that they learn from history and do not repeat the same mistake as of 2015.

He accused the prime minister and National Security Minister Stuart Young of being dishonest about the controversial visit of Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez after the borders were closed.

He was also critical of the Prime Minister’s relationship with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

“He embraces a dictator not any dictator a man who is under indictment by the United States for narcoterrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering and the man whom the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet told the world that this man has a human rights violation record longer than a PriceSmart line on Christmas Eve and this is the man he embraces and he is using the national patrimony to enable and facilitate that regime to circumvent US sanctions.”

He was shocked when the Prime Minister told the nation that Young was responsible for his success and political fortunes. Taylor said the only way the country could exhale and have hope is if the PNM does not regain power.