Andrea Bharatt

Stacy: This is heart wrenching. What she and others like her would have been subjected to in their final days and moments on this earth it definitely aches the heart of us the greater population who has compassion in our very heart and soul.

Tracy: I pray this young child’s soul is met with abundant peace, love and light….I pray for her family…we all feeling this gut wrenching grief and hurt. This brutal, inhumane act should not be in vain.

Hudson: We have failed, the Government have failed, the judicial system have failed for this beautiful young woman. If this cannot wake up these heartless souls in this country.. I don’t know what will.

Susan: Oh my God my tears can’t stop…What monsters did this to this beautiful young lady ..God should have no mercy on them ….Do these people have mothers and sisters.? RiP Andre’s you didn’t deserve this.

Leyla: Omg. the women of trinidad needs to be protected. We need to be safe!!!! This innocent girl was just living her daily life . Traveling home after a work day!!!!! No one is safe.

Tara: A nation mourns…we all felt it..it hit us hard..for we are all ladies, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts…may your soul join with God Angel..this is devastating.

Laureen: Lost for words feeling so depressed right now so angry at these monsters do these people have mothers, sisters, nieces or even daughters my heart goes out to this young lady’s family may her soul rest in eternal peace.

Settea: The hangman have to start working again. Lord have mercy women are not safe anymore why did they do this and now they will go and sit in jail and get three squares meals and they good and happy.

Arianna: I am angry, I am numb, I can’t really describe my feelings. It’s dangerous to be a woman sorry to say! They killed this girl the same day and just prolonged the family’s agony.

Johnny: I am in my 67th year. Over the years Trinidad and Tobago has bred a generation of people who are not fit for civil society. Their main objective, “the mammy nice chile” miscreants, are living among us to kill, rape, rob, maim and murder unsuspecting citizens.

Nalini: This just breaks my heart into pieces. I don’t even know this child but as a mother I could only imagine what her family is going through.

Karen: And the nation is in mourning once more…. tell me what did this young lady ever do to deserve such a death bring back hanging the ppl of this nation has fail this young lady and the others that have gone missing.