Reverend Daniel Teelucksingh

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A day after the prime minister held a united prayer session with religious leaders, Presbyterian Minister Rev Daniel Teelucksingh called for citizens to continue to express faith in God to assist them in dealing with COVID-19.

During an interview with Guardian Media yesterday, Teelucksingh said the prime minister’s call for a chapel session with religious leaders on March 29, could be seen as an invitation for a national return to spirituality.

“This is in recognition that with God’s help we can conquer, not only COVID-19 but all the principalities and powers which threaten our health, happiness and well-being,” Teelucksingh said.

He added, “This prayer moment was a reminder for all of us that life’s adversities can be overcome, not by human might nor by power, but by the Spirit of God.”

Saying the National Day of Prayer was a magnificent demonstration of faith, Teelucksingh said, “When T&T turned to God in prayer from a common pulpit and centralised worship centre it gave citizens hope.

We have had other inter-faith services but none with such nation-wide interest and participation. Its uniqueness will remain as one of the nation’s finest moments in communal prayer and spiritual solidarity, wherein several priests representing our religious diversity, led a national congregation in worship,” Teelucksingh added.