After several years of sexual abuse, a teenager finally broke her silence and reported her uncle and stepfather to the police.

According to investigators, the 17-year-old schoolgirl told officers that the abuse started when she was around seven or eight years old.

She recalled that she came from school and was eating food when her uncle approached her. He pulled down her pants and attempted to have sex with her, but there was no penetration.

The teenager further reported that on dates she could not remember in January and November last year her uncle raped her. She said he then threatened to shoot her if she told anyone, stating that he would “put lead in her head.”

She told the police that in December 2020, her stepfather also performed oral sex on her.

And on Sunday the teenager reported to police, that she was sitting on her bed when her uncle came into the room and performed oral sex on her. He again threatened to “pump lead” in her head if she said anything.

However, she finally confided in a relative and the police were contacted. The officers went to her home that night where they met the teenager and her mother.

The girl and her mother then accompanied the officers to the police station, and the Child Protection Unit was contacted.

WPC Renn-Lashley of the Child Protection Unit is investigating.