A 15-year-old suspect was arrested last night, after he was caught in a police officer’s car shortly after the officer was robbed at gunpoint in Penal. 

According to a police report, around 10:10pm on Tuesday, PC Inglebert Beharry, who is attached to the San Fernando Police Station, parked his silver Chevrolet Cruze valued $210,000 at his mother’s house at Sunrees Road Extension, Penal. Two men, one about 15 to 18 years old and armed with a firearm and bareback, accosted the police officer and announced a hold up. The other man wore a hoody. 

Following a report made by Beharry, investigations by PCs Khaleel and Hosein led them to Station 10 Road, Penal, where they saw the stolen vehicle. However, the car reportedly swerved off the road near a small bridge and crashed into some steel pipes. As the officer’s ran towards the vehicle, they saw the teenager and another man exiting it.

The officers arrested the teenager, who is from Penal, while the other man escaped into the bushes.

PC Hosein is investigating.