The shack were Rajesh Sookram was chopped to death by a close relative at Isthmus Road, Guayaguayare.

An ongoing dispute led to 18-year-old Rajesh Sookram being chopped to death by a relative in Guayaguyare, Mayaro, on Sunday.

The 29-year-old suspect and another family member are now in police custody.

Police said Sookram, a crab catcher, had left school and his parents’ home in Chaguanas and began staying with relatives in Guayaguayare about a year ago.

According to a police report, around 3.45 pm Sunday, Sookram had an altercation with the relative at a camp at Isthmus Road and during the altercation, the relative chopped him on the neck and right shoulder with a cutlass. The suspect ran off into a forested area as Sookram fell to the ground and died.

Police detained a relative who witnessed the chopping while the suspect was arrested when he returned home that night. The suspect, a father of six, was released from prison about a year ago after serving a jail term for larceny.

One of Sookram’s uncles, who did not want to be identified, yesterday said Sookram and his three cousins

Often went to catch crab to sell. He said Sookram stayed with relatives and also at the camp where the chopping occurred. However, he said Sookram and the suspect did not get along.

“I think is envy and jealousy. He (suspect) had some altercation in the past with a cousin and it stem and he just send a message.”

He recalled that Sookram and his cousins were liming by him on Sunday because he had a birthday lime for one of his relatives.

“I told the guys to come and stay by me because they safe here.”

He said he did not see when Sookram left to go the camp, which was about 100 feet away from his house.

“If I did meet him I would tell him don’t go because within the timeframe, them guys was liming on the hill and I hearing the music and I hear two shots buss. I tell him allyuh boy stay here don’t go but he did not listen to me and that (chopping) just happen in two seconds.”

The relative said when he went across to the camp, he saw blood gushing from a gaping wound on Sookram’s neck.

“While he was bleeding I try to put pressure on the wound with a towel. He was just shaking up and after his third or fourth breath he pass away in my arms.”

ASP Jankee and a party of officers from the Mayaro CID, Taskforce, Charge Room, CSI and Region 3 Homicide visited the scene. An autopsy is expected to be done at the Forensic Science Centre this week. Investigations are continuing.

In an unrelated incident, San Juan resident Leroy Ramlochan was killed in Santa Cruz on Sunday night.

Police said around 11 pm, Ramlochan, 33, of Febeau Village, went to an area known as Cakes Land, La Canoa, when residents reported hearing loud explosions. Upon checking, residents found him hanging out of the driver’s window of a car with wounds on his left side.

When Guardian Media Limited visited the area yesterday, residents close to where the shooting occurred refused to speak about the incident.