An intelligence-led anti-crime exercise, conducted across the Northern and North-Eastern Divisions, North and South resulted in the arrest of ten persons, four firearms and a quantity of assorted ammunition and narcotics seized. Details follow in this press release from the TTPS:

Ten persons were arrested and four firearms and quantities of assorted ammunition and narcotics were successfully taken off the streets and out of the hands of criminals, during several intelligence-led anti-crime exercises, conducted across the Northern and North-Eastern Divisions, yesterday and today.

Exercises conducted in the Northern Division, Area South, from 7am to 10 pm, on Wednesday 2nd February, 2022, were coordinated by Snr. Supt. Paponette, Supt. Montrichard and ASP Ettiene and spearheaded by Insp. Pitt and Sgt. Caldon.

Officers of the Northern Division Task Force, Area South (NDTF-S) acting on information from Crime Stoppers, proceeded to the Maloney and La Horquetta areas between 7 am and 9 am, during which they conducted a search of an apartment complex in Maloney Gardens. There, they found a Derringer pistol and four rounds of ammunition being found hidden in the ceiling of a corridor.

The officers, assisted by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, then proceeded to Arima, between 6 pm and 10 pm, during which they held a 31-year-old man for possession of a Glock pistol, loaded with an extended magazine containing 25 rounds of ammunition and a quantity of marijuana.

Officers of the Northern Division Task Force, Area North (NDTF-N) also conducted an exercise between 1 pm and 5:25 pm, in the Arima, Pinto and Malabar districts. During the exercise, they proceeded to Sandstone Extension, Wallerfield, where a search warrant was executed at the home of a 37-year-old man. The search resulted in officers finding 11 rounds of 12 gauge cartridges and two spent 12 gauge shells on the premises. The man was arrested in connection with the finds). Two other men of the Arima district were also held during the exercise for various offences.

Meanwhile, an Operation Strike Back exercise was conducted in the North-Eastern Division, between 3:15 pm and 6:15 pm, spearheaded by Snr. Supt. Maharaj, Supt. Ramjohn and ASP Pariman and coordinated by Insp. Bharath and Sgt. (Ag.) Martin.

During the exercise, officers of the North-Eastern Division Task Force and Canine Unit, proceeded to Saw Mill Avenue, Morvant, where they stopped and searched a 28-year-old man of the district, which resulted in a pistol, loaded with a magazine and 12 rounds of ammunition and a quantity of cocaine being seized from his possession.

As the exercise continued in the district, officers had cause to stop and search two other suspects. A 17-year-old of Egypt Village, Point Fortin, was found in possession of a revolver loaded with six rounds of ammunition and a 29-year-old of Morvant was held with three rounds of ammunition in his possession.

A quantity of marijuana was also discovered at the El Socorro home of a male suspect. Investigations are ongoing into these matters. Another exercise, this time conducted by the North-Eastern Division Crime Patrol Unit between 1 pm and 5 pm, and coordinated by Insp. Bharath, resulted in the arrest of a 28-yearold San Juan man wanted for a series of larceny offences in the Aranguez district. Officers were strategically placed in and around the areas of the occurrences, where they observed and held the suspect.

Additionally, today members of the North Eastern Division Gang Unit, North Eastern Division Task Force and K9 Unit, executed several warrants and two persons from Santa Cruz were arrested relative to firearm enquiries and gang involvement.

Meanwhile, officers of the Central Division Task Force, Area North (CDTF-N), conducted an exercise between 5 am and 11 am, in the Enterprise and Longdenville districts. The exercise was coordinated by Snr. Supt. Simon, Supt. Pierre, ASP Dipchan and Insp. Ablacksingh.

During the exercise, officers proceeded to the Enterprise home of a 25-year-old suspect, where they found an assortment of house fixtures with the markings ‘HDC Egypt Village’. Two persons who were in the house at the time of the search were arrested in connection with the finds. Officers then proceeded to the nearby home of another suspect where they found 18 white cupboard doors. A 38-year-old man was arrested in connection with the finds.

Investigations are ongoing.