None of us can deny the fact that prescription drugs are on the rise. Note I am not against prescription drugs as it has its place and can save lives for a number of folks. But what if you want to live a medication-free life? Which begs the question is it possible to be healthy and live a long life without the aid of prescription drugs?

This may be possible if you start young, make healthy lifestyle choices, focus on prevention while giving the body the correct amount of raw material so that it can heal itself. However, when it comes to our diet, most of us know what to do, but for some reason, we find doing it easier said than done. If you want to stay healthy without medication, no doubt eating well is one of the most important ways to do that. Your focus? Stay away from processed foods especially those that include nitrites, you should do your own fried foods with limits, most pizzas, most fruits juices, white bread, note, most commercial bread are unhealthy especially if eaten in large amounts as they’re made from refined wheat and gluten, which is very low in fibre and essential nutrients and that may lead to a rapid spike in blood sugar.

So, let’s move on, what if you couldn’t tie your shoe? I mean many folks take that for granted until one day you realize it cannot be done because it’s the symptom of a bigger problem. Your health is wrapped up in the little things you do daily so it’s important to pay attention to the signals your body sends.

Fred Nietzsche was absolutely correct in his assessment when he declared: “There is more wisdom in your body than your deepest philosophies.” The thing is we often times take for granted how well our body serves us until all of a sudden it no longer does. This is what happens on a daily basis, your body communicates to you consistently through silent whispers, echoed emotions, gut feelings, aches and pains and still get neglected by allowing other things to trump our health.

The notion of illness is baulked at by many of us during this time, accompanied by a sense of invincibility or this cannot happen to me syndrome and so this type of attitude or lifestyle gives way for total destruction and soon enough you realize that nature is not so forgiving when you choose to be complacent in losing the genetic lottery. What most of us fail to understand as humans; just as striking a match makes fire, illness can pervade the body overnight and when the light goes out there’s little one can do to reignite it.

Let me repeat, you have the ability to create empowered health by paying attention to your body’s innate wisdom through attentive discipline. In our “MAD” quest to attain material possessions, many conceal the body’s cry for help while they satisfy their cravings. Yet one can never ever fulfil your desires if you are not in harmony with your inner being. So, the next time you feel really tired instead of reaching for more caffeine, simply slow down and take a well-deserved rest.

It’s neither my place nor duty to cast judgement on how one organises their life however it’s my duty to help another human incorporates good health habits. Keep reading the Health Plus Magazine in your Trinidad Guardian.