Sport is often said to be something that brings our country together. And I believe it has a lot of merit to it. Despite the racial diversity of our country, time and time again we stand united for one cause, when our athletes succeed in sport.

The moment before, during, and after the event we are all proud Trinidadians and Tobagonians or Trinbagonians. When that’s over and matters such as politics take control of our minds and daily conversations, we revert to becoming “Indians” and “Africans.” We forget what united us.

Brian Lara breaking the test batting record on two occasions was a cause to celebrate us being Trinbagonians. Keshorn Walcott and Hasley Crawford gave us moments when we would stand proudly and sing our national anthem. Likewise, when out men’s football team, for the first time, qualified for the 2006 world cup.

In 2020, we would again be brought together by sport. Despite the racial battles in the leadup and post general election, on September 10th most of us rejoiced as one.

The Trinbago Knight Riders for the 4th time won the Caribbean Premiere League title. For that day we forgot about who was “Indian” and who was “African” and celebrated a record breaking and historic win for our local franchise.

Moments like these, while it may seem far and few, must be capitalised on. How can we use sport to keep us united? I asked myself that question several times the morning after, and I hope I get the answer as I continue to ponder it. Suggestions are welcome.