Farley Augustine, Deputy Political Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).

Deputy Political Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), Farley Augustine, called on Tobagonians to do some introspection as the December 6th THA election date draws near.

During a political meeting in Mason Hall on Thursday night, Augustine questioned the rate of development on the island.

He urged Tobagonians to critically assess the island’s development. 

“Ask yourself if you are satisfied.  Ask yourself, have you gotten value for money?  Have you gotten enough?  Have you seen forty billion dollars of development on this island? And if so, why are we still behind our neighbours in so many ways?”

Augustine said in order for Tobago to see significant development, there needs to be a Tobago centric and indigenous Tobago party to run the affairs of the people of Tobago.

He described Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley as “bitter” and “vindictive”, saying:

“We don’t want no arrangement where no Prime Minister could come up with his bitterness, and acrimoniousness and his hatefulness and his spitefulness and his vindictiveness, to come and tell you can’t get no money if you don’t vote for me.” 

Augustine also accused the PNM of favouring its Trinidad financers for contracts, while Tobagonians were left without.

Farley Augustine said Tobago will reject the PNM on December 6th, just as it did in 2001.