Vendors and patrons of the San Fernando Market complain after the market was flooded out yesterday.

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Even as hundreds of people experience water shortages, thousands of gallons of water went down the drain as a water line ruptured, flooding the San Fernando Central market.

The water flowed throughout the vending bay and after 15 hours, when it had not subsided, both customers and vendors opted to leave.

Davie Maharaj, who navigated through the water said the situation was untenable.

“This is terrible. The conditions here are unacceptable. What is going on in this country,” Maharaj exclaimed.

Vendor Marsha Dookoo said a worker from the maintenance department accidentally caused a water line to rupture on Thursday afternoon.

“It is now 8 o’clock on Friday morning and they still have not fixed the line,” she complained.

Dookoo, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, said she had no choice but to leave as she could not stay in the water.

Another vendor Reena Ojeer said they called everyone in authority to fix the leak.

“Mr Lalchan is doing his best. We called the mayor, the councillor, the CEO. We cannot sell and we asking them to come and help,” Ojeer said.

Sharda Ramdeo was also seen packing up her goods.

Saying the market was a hazard, Ramdeo added, “What will happen if someone slips on this water and fall and injures themselves?”

The market cleaners later came with a wrench and tried to fix the pipe.

However, they were unsuccessful.

A source told Guardian Media that they did not have the material to fix the leak.

Contacted for comment, San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello said he was unaware of any rupture of a water line at the market. However, he promised to investigate the reports.