Point Fortin, MP Edmond Dillon pays respect to Linola Farrell, daughter of Ceslyn Farrell who was killed in a suspected arson attack at a house at Petrotrin Quarters, Guapo yesterday.

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Police suspect foul play in the deaths of three people whose remains were found inside a burnt house at Guapo, Point Fortin, following an early morning fire yesterday. The bodies of Seyelles Hannah, 41, her friend Ceslyn Farrell, 69, and Farrell’s son, Patrick, 48, were discovered in the burnt ruins of their home at Petrotrin Quarters, Guapo, at around 8:30 am.

Initially, police responded to a report of fire but when they got there they found the bodies. One looked as if it was lying in a hallway. All three were burnt beyond recognition.

Farrell had been living in the house for more than 40 years but took in Hannah last November after she was thrown out of her home by a male relative.

Apostle Kenneth Ojirika, pastor at the House of Prayer Assembly, also known as the City of Freedom Church, said he dropped Hannah and Farrell at around 7.30 pm on Thursday after they attended a service at the church. That was the last time they were seen alive.

Ojirika described Farrell as a kind woman who stepped in to help after one of Hannah’s male relatives packed up her belongings and dropped them at the church. He said Hannah had nowhere to go so Farrell decided to take her in.

“When I ask her if everything is okay, she would say everything is fine,” Ojirika recalled.

“When I heard there was a fire I left my home in Arouca and came down. When we got here we heard that two of them were dead in the house.”

Later on, fire officers confirmed that all three occupants had died. The family’s pet dog was seen carrying out pieces of human bones from the charred house.

Police said based on reports it was possible that all three were killed and then their home set on fire.

A neighbour, Patricia Abraham, said she realised something was wrong when she woke up yesterday morning and didn’t see Ceslyn working in her garden.

She said every morning Ceslyn woke up about 6 am and tended to her plants at the back of her home.

“When I didn’t see her this morning I wondered why. I say neighbs not up this morning. Then I saw Patrick’s car parked in the yard. He normally wakes up early to go to work,” she said.

Abraham said the bedroom curtains were drawn and this was unusual as Hannah normally opened her curtains when she woke up. Hannah had recently secured a job taking care of a child at Cap-de-Ville. She had three children of her own but they were never seen visiting her at Farrell’s home, Abraham said.

She said she didn’t hear any screams or see signs of any unusual activities at the house on Thursday night.

Farrell’s daughter, Linola, and other relatives were seen weeping as they stood on the track leading to the house but did not speak to the media.

Point Fortin MP Edmund Dillon visited and was seen consoling them. He later told reporters that he knew the family well and was deeply concerned about the incident.

Asked if he heard the deaths were a triple homicide, Dillon said he is yet to get that information. He declined to comment on the crime situation saying that was a matter for the Minister of National Security.

Councillor for the area Lyndon Harris also expressed condolences to the Farrell family and said the incident had left the entire community in mourning.