Three men were charged with larceny of $102,000 on Friday 28th January 2022 when they appeared before Magistrate Armina Mohammed- Deonarinesingh. One of the accused, Dion Gary Mc Kenzie, was granted bail in the sum of $150,000 while the other two accused, Lester Romany, and Marcus Mathison were denied bail and remanded into custody. Details follow in this press release from the TTPS:

Three men who were jointly charged with larceny of $102,000 appeared before Magistrate Armina Mohammed- Deonarinesingh on Friday 28th January 2022.

The accused, DION GARY MC KENZIE, 29, of Production Drive, Sea Lots was granted $150,000 bail, while LESTER ROMANY, 36, and MARCUS MATHISON, 23, both of Beetham Gardens were denied bail and remanded into custody.

The men are expected to reappear in court on Friday 25th February, 2022.

According to police reports, in May 2020, a businessman allegedly secured $102,000 cash in his motor vehicle, he then parked the vehicle at Gopaul Circular, Marabella and went away. He returned at 12:15 pm and allegedly discovered the back glass smashed and the money was missing.

WPC Nysus and PC Lange conducted an investigation into the matter, which led to the arrest of the three men on Tuesday 25th January, 2022. The men were subsequently charged with larceny.