Three men have been arrested and charged for robbery and kidnapping in Princes Town on May 30th 2021.

JAMEER BRATHWAITE, of Corinth Hills, Ste. Madeline, OMARI GREENIDGE, of Ladybird Crescent, Pleasantville, and ROGER GREEN, of Circular Left, Pleasantville, appeared before Princes Town Magistrate Indira Misir-Gosine on June 11th 2021 where she ordered they be remanded into custody.

BRATHWAITE, GREENIDGE and GREEN were all charged with, two counts of kidnapping, two counts of housebreaking with intent, and six counts of robbery with violence.

According to reports, on May 30th three men entered the home of a labourer at Matilda Road, Princess Town and announced a robbery. The men relieved the man and his companion of their cell phones, tied them up, physically assaulted them, and relieved them of $6,000.

The accused then placed the labourer, against his will, face down in his vehicle, a silver Nissan Tiida, and proceeded to another location at Marcano Street, Princess Town, where he is the caretaker. The men instructed the labourer to unlock the premises and disable the alarm on the lower level of the house.

The men then proceeded to rob the seven occupants of a total of TT $600,000, US$12,000, approximately $700,000 in jewellery, a $6,000 DVR and two mobile phones together valued at TT $16,000. The men then made their escape in the labourer’s car which was recovered shortly after.

Extensive enquiries spearheaded by Sgt Teeluck and Cpl. (Ag.) Khan, coordinated by Snr. Supt. Lucia Winchester, ASP Ramdass and Insp. Phillip, which included members of the Princes Town Criminal Investigations Department (CID), the Intelligence Unit, the Southern Division Research and Analytical Unit led to the arrest of GREEN, GREENIDGE, and BRATHWAITE and the recovery of US $5122. The matter has been adjourned to July 8th 2021.