A police officer takes notes as the vehicles used by the officers in the alleged robbery is loaded by Rishi’s Wrecking Services at the St Margaret’s Police Station, yesterday.

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Detectives from the Special Operations Response Unit and the Professional Standards Bureau have arrested three police officers after they reportedly robbed a drug dealer in the south Trinidad of cash and drugs.

One of the officers had been under surveillance for quite some time.

Guardian Media was told officers from the North Eastern Divisional Task Force were apprehended on Friday night in Gasparillo.

The officers claimed they were on a legitimate exercise. However, when the PSB contacted their seniors, there was no verification that the NEDTF had been on any legitimate exercise.

The three men were taken to the Gasparillo and St Margaret’s Police Stations where they were questioned separately. Two vehicles used by the officers were impounded by the police. Guardian Media captured footage of the vehicles as they were being taken for fingerprints at the St Margaret’s Police.

SORT and PSB officers also seized an unregistered mini-sub-machine gun.

Police said one of the officers had been charged along with a senior officer for the assault of a Santa Cruz man.

However, that matter was subsequently dismissed at the Port of Spain Magistrates Court in 2019 after the prosecution failed to prepare a case.