The drugs seized by Southern Division Police during the anti-crime exercise on Saturday 19 September 2020. (Image: TTPS)

Three men were arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana by officers in the Southern Division Task Force (SDTF), during an anti-crime exercise on Saturday 19 September 2020.

Official police reports state that the three men, all from Cocoyea, were arrested for various offences including possession of cocaine (8.4 grammes), possession of marijuana (253 grammes), obscene language, disorderly behaviour, and resisting arrest.

The 12-gauge shotgun which police found near the M2 Ring Road in Ste Madeleine. (Image: TTPS)

The TTPS reports that during the exercise, which was conducted between the hours of 2 pm and 9 pm yesterday, officers also received information which led them to a bushy area off of the M2 Ring Road, Ste Madeleine.  A search was conducted, and one 12-gauge shotgun was found.

The TTPS release also reports that several drug blocks in the Pleasantville, La Romaine, and Mon Repos police districts were targeted, resulting in the discovery and seizure of a quantity of marijuana weighing 343 grammes, which was hidden behind the pan yard along Pleasantville Terrace.

Investigations are ongoing.