9.45kg of marijuana was found.

Three men were arrested, two for possession of a quantity of marijuana and one for possession of stolen items.

They were arrested by officers of the Couva Criminal Investigations Department (CID) during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Central district on Saturday.

According to the TTPS, the exercise was coordinated by Senior Supt Curt Simon, Supt Pierre, Asp Ragoo, Inspectors Julien and Bassant.

During the exercise, and based on information received, the officers proceeded to Chin Chin Road, Cunupia, and conducted surveillance.

One vehicle was intercepted and searched.

A plastic bag containing 2.45 kilogrammes of marijuana was found and seized. Two men were arrested.

As the exercise continued, the officers proceeded to Ravine Sable Road, Longdenville, and conducted a search of a bushy area where an additional seven kilogrammes of marijuana was found hidden in two shopping bags. The marijuana was seized.

Later on that same day, a search at the home of a 33-year-old suspect of Clara Road, Preysal, and the officers recovered stolen items, two Rotary grinding stones, one Stihl wacker, one Black and Decker Shop saw, and one drill.

The suspect was arrested.

And a quick response by officers of the St Joseph Police Station is being praised as the reason behind the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

According to the TTPS around 12.25 am on Sunday a man was at his home on Belle Smythe Street, Curepe when four men, one of whom was armed, entered his premises and announced a robbery.

The men dealt the victim several blows to his body and relieved him of his motor vehicle, a blue Honda Civic, $1,000 and his identification card.

A report was made to the St Joseph Police Station and with the assistance of the St Joseph Criminal Investigation Department, and officers from the Western Division, the vehicle was recovered on Bombay Street in St James.

Investigations are continuing.

Meanwhile, officers of the Gasparillo Police Station recovered a stolen vehicle in the Williamsville district on Saturday.

Police said around 11 pm on Saturday, a man reported he was driving his silver Toyota Corolla along Eccles Village, Whiteland, when a white Nissan B14 overtook his vehicle and pulled in front of him, while another black motor vehicle stopped behind him.

He became afraid, and drove into someone’s yard, came out his vehicle, left the keys in the car, and then hid behind the house.

After ten minutes, he heard his car being driven away. His car was valued at $25,000.

Based on information received, the officers proceeded to Sandstone Road, Lower Poon, Williamsville, and recovered the victim’s vehicle.