Three men were shot and killed in Arima early yesterday morning.

Police reports claim the crime was carried out by men dressed in police garb but relatives are alleging that ‘real’ police officers killed the trio.

A 16-year-old boy, Jordan Archibald, was one of three killed along with his brother, Dimitri Cust, 19 and his cousin Nyron Samuel, 24. His older brother, Marlon Cust, 28, was shot and wounded.

According to an official police report, at about 1:45 am police received information that there was a shooting at 10-31 Mauler Street, off Demerara Road, Arima.

Officers of the Arima Police Station, Pinto Police Station and ERP 51 responded. Upon arrival, the officers saw four men lying on the floor in a house located at the said street.

One of the victims, Marlon, was taken to the Arima Health Facility where he underwent surgery.

Police were told that a white Xtrail pulled up at the home and occupants dressed in police uniform, with masks over their face, exited the vehicle and opened fire on the victims. They then drove off.

Police officers were said to be on the lookout for the vehicle.

Very distraught over the killings, Afiya Cust, 25, the sister of two of the men, claimed that the three family members were shot just over six hours after uniformed police officers and soldiers surrounded her house in search of three people, names she said that did not live at her residence at Wallerfield in Arima.

She denied the police’s account of the event.

She disclosed that on Wednesday after 7 pm “a lot” of police in uniform, some of them “masked up”, soldiers, men and ladies, surrounded her house, for probably about an hour.

She claimed that at first, the officers shot behind her brother, cousin, and a friend.

“My brother end up running back home. I ask him what happened? He said police just shoot behind us. I asked, ‘Did they see your face? Did you run?’ He said no they didn’t see his face. So I told him go inside and you relax. So I was outside with my boyfriend and daughter and we were watching the whole scene.”

She claimed that the police came a second time and took out a picture of the house.

That night, Afiya said she went to bed but was later awakened by her daughter. She said her younger brother, Jordan also woke up because of the dogs barking. The woman said they went back to bed shortly after.

That’s when Afiya said she heard a vehicle pull up outside her house followed by footsteps in the yard.

“I saw everything, everything I saw, so before I can even walk back to my room they already coming through the windows, over my grandmother bed, and they jump over and point the gun at her and then at me.”

“And all I can say is ‘oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, no no no!’ and my grandmother just there sitting down and she didn’t move. I don’t think she knew what to say. And they went and shot my young brother first (Jordan), then they went by Marlon, who is not full 100…he shakey always up and down ever since he born he like that. He’s always up and down. They shot him too. Right now he fighting for his life.”

Afiya said she and her family are left in shock and as to their next move.