Three people were shot in two separate incidents on Sunday night.

Police said around 2 pm a 33-year-old man from Morvant was offloading groceries in the carpark of West Bee’s Supermarket when he was accosted by two men.

One of the men held him from behind and said, “Give me that chain boy” and placed a gun to the victim’s neck. A struggle ensued and the victim was able to escape. The suspects then ran off but one of them pointed the gun in the victim’s direction and opened fire.

Police were able to arrest a suspect at Seecharan Street, Arouca.

Meanwhile, around 12 am in San Juan two men—a 19-year-old man of Lower Santa Cruz and another 19-year-old man of Dan Kelly in Laventille, were both occupants of a silver Nissan AD Wagon, driving along Vicky Hill, La Canoa Road, Lower Santa Cruz, when they were shot at by unknown gunmen.

Police said the driver of the vehicle lost control and the car overturned along the said roadway. Both victims exited the vehicle along with the driver and two other occupants.

However, one man was shot in the right shoulder while the other was shot to the left side of the neck.

Both victims were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, where they are receiving treatment.