Ryan Jaimungal


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Three of the four men chopped during a melee in Woodland on Sunday morning remain warded in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Two of them- Shaffick Mohammed, 28, of New Extension, Woodland and Andrew Ramrattan, 24, the nephew of Mohammed’s ex-wife- who both suffered head injuries are expected to undergo surgery.

However, Mohammed’s twin brother Sadiq Mohammed, who has been charged previously with rape, has been discharged from the San Fernando General Hospital.

Another villager, Ryan Jaimungal, 24, whose right hand was severely maimed in the cutlass attack, also remains warded.

Since the chopping, relatives of both families have expressed fear for their lives saying they were praying that the chopping does not escalate into further bloodshed.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Mohammed’s sister Haseena called on Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to assign independent, fair and unbiased police officers to investigate the case.

Admitting that her brothers had criminal records, Haseen said she moved out of Woodland because of an ongoing feud with villagers.

She said they were being denied the opportunity of seeing her brothers at the hospital.

Mohammed’s sister Mumtaz said they were told Shaffick needed surgery on his head but this is not being organized immediately.

“They said there are 11 people before him to get surgery so he has to wait. We cannot get to see him yet because the police are with him,” Mumtaz said.

She explained that Sadiq was in fear for his life.

“Right now we are being harassed and everyone is against us but those people came by my mother’s house. They came where my brothers were sleeping and attack them and they defended themselves,” she said.

But villagers claimed the brothers are troublesome.

A resident said, “The community and villagers are outraged, disheartened, upset, sad that you all did not get the two sides to the story. The community has been dealing with these two brothers for years now.

Police said the matter was still under investigation and several charges will be laid pending investigations.