Screenshot of the website ‘Taste of Tobago’. Image courtesy Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI)

The Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) has launched a new website and online platform designed to support Tobago businesses and entrepreneurs. is part of the THTI’s mission to develop Tobago’s tourism and hospitality industry, and related sectors. All content is created and curated by the team at the Institute.

An official release from the THTI explains the goal is “to provide our audience with an engaging and accessible way to learn about Tobago and to provide a multi-platform for content creators, entrepreneurs and businesses to showcase their products and services.”

Dr Stephen Sheppard, CEO of THTI, observes that as visitors look to Tobago with renewed interest, telling the Tobago story is essential for creating a deeper understanding and appreciation of how Tobagonians live and make a living.

“The Taste of Tobago website will help readers navigate more localized, relevant stories about Tobago and provide entrepreneurs and businesses with a virtual multi-platform to showcase their products and services more efficiently to a global audience,” he explained.

Screenshot of the website ‘Taste of Tobago’. Image courtesy Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI)

Members of the public, locally and abroad, are encouraged to explore the platform’s blogs, social media and newsletters, to learn about and appreciate “the richness of Tobago’s culture and heritage” which has given rise to the special “entrepreneurial spirit” embodied by Tobagonians.

Key highlights of the new website,, include:

●          A cutting-edge, custom platform developed and designed to deliver a magazine-like experience that engages our audience with captivating content and beautiful illustrations and images.

●          Curated content delivered through a digital newsletter to subscribers.

●          Content sharing from website to social media accounts via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

●          A dedicated marketplace to highlight Tobago’s products and services will be developed in the next phase of the project implementation.