So, five more persons have been murdered in a 24-hour period and no one, including the Police Commissioner, seems to be unduly worried. I guess it’s far easier to bully and harass innocent citizens (and Venes) for not wearing a mask that compromises your health while offering no protection against Covid-19.

Enormous national resources have been devoted to finding those who were within the vicinity of a person who “tested positive” for Covid (as distinct from an infected person). As of this writing, roughly 20,000 samples have been tested. One thousand (1,000) persons have tested positive with 14 Covid-related deaths. That’s a mere 1.4 per cent.

Think of the costs (direct and indirect) of 20,000 tests and the quarantining of 1,000 persons (almost all of whom are released without any issues arising) and ask yourself, to what end?

Is it worth it to shut down the economy and subject persons to untold hardships? Stop wasting resources on those who are asymptomatic or have a slight sniffle and save it for those who get sick and present themselves for medical attention, the way we deal with any other ailment. What has all this “contact tracing” achieved? Nothing. It’s back to the status quo after 14 days.

Almost 300 persons have been murdered for the year. If the TTPS hunted murderers with the same zeal with which we trace the contacts of a Covid-positive person (who may not have Covid), maybe T&T would be a better place to live.

I ask you, which deserves more attention? Three hundred murders or 14 Covid-related deaths?

It’s time to get our priorities right.

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