TML President Farz Khan congratulates TML Primary School San Fernando pupil Ameera Beekhoo after she placed first overall in SEA 2020. Left is Ameera's teacher Rabia Mohammed and right is TML Primary School San Fernando Principal Wahida Mohammed-Narine.

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Having emerged as the top primary school in T&T twice since 2016 in the Secondary Entrance Assessment examinations, the Trinidad Muslim League honoured its star student Ameerah Beekhoo and staff at the San Fernando TML Primary School on Saturday.

However, the TML is appealing for devices to assist with online learning.

Beekhoo, and her parents Dr Nickelson Beekhoo and Dr Shari Khan-Beekhoo beamed with joy as they received a plaque award with a Cross pen from the president of the President General of the Trinidad Muslim League, Farz Khan and principal Wahida Mohammed-Narine.

Khan said all the TML schools had done well in the exams but he lauded the San Fernando TML which has consistently produced excellence in SEA.

In 2015, student Riyad Rajan came second in SEA; in 2016 Caitlin Brooker came first; in 2017, Rayshard Hosein won third place; in 2019, Megan Ramoutar won second place and in 2020, Beekhoo emerged first.

Khan said Beekhoo had benefited from a holistic education not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. She played the piano and participated in swimming and gymnastics, Khan added.

He said COVID-19 had presented a paradigm shift in the educational system which required teamwork.

He noted that the Board has been trying to get funding for 40 devices which are needed for underprivileged students at the TML School in Libertville, Rio Claro.

“Acquiring the technology and getting enough devices for all students was one of the challenges we encountered. Up to now, Libertville TML Primary has 40 students without devices and we are trying to get devices to students who need it most,” Khan added.

He noted that not all teachers were familiar with online teaching so they needed to undergo orientation and training.

Khan noted that the TML schools were able to achieve excellence because of the camaraderie and self-motivation that existed from the level of the school Board to the Parents Teachers Association.

He commended all of Beekhoo’s teachers David Narine & Rehana Ali- Nagee, Salima Khan- Sirjue, Farhaana Ali, Shawn Amirali, Farissa Bajnath and Rabia Mohammed who taught her from First year to Standard Five.

Meanwhile, principal Mohammed-Narine said her entire team including her teachers, administrative staff, the school board, the security and even the janitor all played a part in TML’s excellent record.

She said 66 students wrote the examination this year. Out of this, 43 students were placed at their first-choice school; Naparima College, Naparima Girls High School, St Joseph Convent San Fernando, Presentation College San Fernando, ASJA Boys and ASJA Girls College.

She noted that no student scored less than 71 per cent in the year 2020.

She said San Fernando TML will continue to assist other schools in achieving excellence.

Anyone wanting to contribute to supplying 40 devices for students of TML Primary School Libertville can contact the Trinidad Muslim League at 662-4541.