PHOTO COURTESY SAN FERNANDO TML Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell poses with San Fernando TML Primary School winner Suvan Subance and acting school principal Wahida Mohammed- Narine.

Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell has lauded a former Standard Five student of the San Fernando TML Primary school for winning an international art competition and beating out students from 16 countries across the world.

Suvan Subance, who wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment examinations this year and passed for Naparima College, entered the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association environmental poster contest last year while he attended San Fernando TML.

The theme of the contest was “Our World is Precious, Save our Land and Seas.”

Mitchell said for Suvan’s exceptional work of art, he won the first-place prize of US$3,000. The school, which emerged as the top school in the 2020 Secondary Entrance Assessment exams, also won the first-place prize of US$3,000.

In an interview with Guardian Media, Acting Principal of San Fernando TML Primary School Wahida Mohammed- Narine said Suvan was a “remarkable artist” who had participated in several art competitions at the school.

These included the Trash Art competition hosted by the San Fernando City Corporation, the Northwest Regional Health Authority Mt Hope Malignant Unit’s Thoracic Lung Cancer Poster Competition, San Fest and ABCD – Art by Creative Design competition.

His piece on the latter competition was exhibited, Mohammed-Narine said.

Describing the former TML students as a “talented, humble young man with a keen interest in the arts and a love for his environment,” the principal said Suvan was able to hone his extraordinary gift in art over the years.

“His school TML Primary School San Fernando is truly proud of him,” Mohammed-Narine said.

She also praised his class teacher Shazara Mohammed under whose tutelage, Ameera Beekhoo emerged the top SEA student in the country.

Meanwhile, San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello also honoured Beekhoo of the San Fernando TML Primary School and second place SEA winner, Anjanaa Dan from Trinidad Renaissance Preparatory School last weekend.

The students received a citation from the City lauding their achievement as well as copies of two books- Anaparima: The History of San Fernando and Its Environs by Michael Anthony, as well as, a local adaptation of works by William Shakespeare in Local Habitation and Name by Deborah Jean-Baptiste Samuel. As he congratulated them, Regrello also gave them a CD containing several national songs.