Valmiki Ramsingh of The National Party after voting at the San Fernando Boys Government School.


Will history be created in the marginal seat of San Fernando West, today?

This is the belief of Leader of The National Party Valmiki Ramsingh, who is hoping to wrestle the seat from the traditional parties.

Proudly showing his voting finger after casting his vote at San Fernando Boys Government School, Ramsingh said the process was smooth. But he noted there seemed to be an issue with the identification numbers on the polling cars. Overall, Ramsingh said the Elections and Boundaries Commission has to sort out a few issues with the electoral process for candidates.

Complaining that his name was incorrectly represented as Rampersad in an EBC advertisement on Sunday, Ramsingh said after the elections, he would be able to determine whether the error had an impact on his votes.

However, he confirmed that his name was correctly printed on the ballot paper.