Members of the St Patrick's Anglican Church prepare hampers to give out to the needy in Tobago.

Casandra Thompson-Forbes

The St. Patrick’s Anglican Church is giving back to the community with the distribution of foodstuff, clothing and masks as many battle the economic impact of COVID-19.

The programme is in collaboration with the Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life (FEEL).

Approximately 65 families benefitted from the initiative, which is expected to occur on a fortnightly basis during the pandemic

In an interview with Guardian Media, resident Priest for the St. Patrick’s Parish Reverend Father Jesus Latan said, they had a responsibility to look after the wellbeing of the community. He said, while the outreach group at the church engages in monthly distributions to the less fortunate, there was a greater need to increase the assistance to fortnightly due to COVID-19.

“The situation what is going on with the coronavirus we are working together, putting things in order and inviting the community to come and share with us and we would share with them. Most likely we are going to do this once every two weeks and hopefully, that would reduce the impact of the economy of what is going on against Trinidadians and Tobagonians in the country.”

Father Latan said, other parishes would be targeted as well, St Luke’s Anglican Church at Patience Hill, St Nicholas Anglican Church at Lambeau, and St Francis Anglican Church at Bon Accord. He said those communities would have their days for distribution.

Rev. Father Latan said, while COVID-19 has taken a mental toll on many, this was a good opportunity for everyone to change their mindset

“We have two things, one is to start to change our mindset in order for us to be our brother’s keeper and be the big brother because this is how we supposed to live and one of our options what we have in order to improve our brother’s keeper, is to improve our spiritual life.”

“We want to thank the community for helping us to assist us with those who are in need and to encourage them to continue bringing donations and the last but not least, just keep your spiritual life up to date, because the last answer in our life is Jesus Christ, so we as the Anglican Church, we welcome everybody and we pray that this coronavirus situation stops soon and we continue our life normal, but with a new mindset,” he said

Latan said while churches remain closed the Archdiocese of Trinidad and Tobago continues to hold services remotely via Facebook, in both English and Spanish.